What others say about working with Made4Motion / Sanne Clifford:

Anastasia Koster (dancer & Rolfer), who received 10 coaching sessions:

Sanne’s coaching and her insights are astonishing and extremely valuable, for professional but also personal use. Little treasures for life with a big impact! I have had a trajectory of a series of sessions with her, which allowed me to grow in depth. 10 sessions really allowed me to benefit from the various ‘knowledge-systems’ Sanne is combining and have brought me closer and closer to my life goal and soul’s calling. I have absolutely benefitted from her expertise and have been able to flourish in all aspects of life.

What is wonderful is, that Sanne really speaks from an integrated experience: she truly ‘is’ and lives what she is speaking of! It has been a beautiful process and very positive experience. Thank you Sanne!


Alies MacLean (PA | Customer Happiness Manager | Group Trainer) about M4M Private Classes with Sanne Clifford:

‘I started taking private classes with Sanne because I ‘wanted to dance more’. From the beginning Sanne has been capable of taking this vague notion to a higher level. She knows exactly how to customize our classes to my personal needs and they have evolved into sessions that are so much more than ‘just’ dancing: Sanne’s classes really help me clear my mind and put issues in perspective. Every class with Sanne I consider as a gift and not only have I found a wonderful coach and trainer, I have gained a good friend in the process, as well.’


Miroljuba Petrova (professional dancer) about coaching & creation sessions and rehearsals with Sanne Clifford:

Working with her is the best way to understand what my soul experiences at the exact moment and what my body needs to do. She grabs me and throws me out from the ring of my everyday process, leaving the unimportant problematic issues behind. This leads to an unconscious dance, full of self expression, freedom and emotions. Isn’t that the meaning of life?

Later she leaves me in the studio with the thought: „I never should forget what is to enjoy being myself, being happy, being a dancer. A funny one.” –  Just as she is herself.  Sanne is a very focused and open minded creator who always knows when and how to involve a good laugh into a hard work.