Lifestyle Coaching

Both our body and mind give us useful information, but also distractions if it comes to decision-making, listening to our intuition and getting into creative flow. With clear tools and practise you can easily recognize your patterns and turn them into the state of movement & mind you are looking for.

If you are interested in:

  • giving a higher priority to your creative self
  • learning to trust you body and ‘gut feeling’ (even) more
  • expand your comfort zone, and
  • create a maintaining structure for yourself, which is usable in daily life through practical tools

then this combination of creativity & movement coaching is for you.

You will start with answering a short questionnaire that we will go through in the first session to see where your mindset, interests, strengths, blockers and room for change and growth lies at this moment. From there on we create a personal and practical plan that helps you increases your awareness and creativity in a holistic, body & mindful way and guide you through it as far or deep as you like to take it.

To create positive change means to take action. Book your first session right now, no risks involved: if after this first session you feel this is not for you after all you will get your money back if you send us an email within 14 days.

Interested but left with some doubts or questions? Book a free 15 minutes Q & A here.