Ready for your resolutions: 3 ways how to start the New Year differently

Uncategorized / Saturday, December 30th, 2017

A positive mindset for your New Year’s resolutions

It’s the time of the year to look back and forward, on the crossroad from one calendar into the other. A tradition that I think can be very positive and playful! But as you might already know, it can be hard to keep your motivation for the bigger plans in mind. Did you know it takes up to 21 days (it’s an average, not a fact) to create a new habit and use it efficiently? That by itself can already be a tough cookie. First resolution: let’s start 2018 with a different mind-set!

Smaller steps, more to celebrate

So, New Year resolutions are great awareness checks, but also hard to keep up. Probably because we demand a lot of ourselves: we wish for big changes (with still massively on no 1: getting healthier and fitter), while finding it hard to create new, lasting habits. How to start passing those 21 days by actually going to the gym and buying better food? Mind the gap! What happens is that many people focus on what is not there, instead of what is. The gap between the present situation and the big to-be-achieved goal is too far to take in one leap and feeds the negative perspective in you, instead of the positive. If we ask ourselves the right questions, listen and answer honestly, we can fill in the smaller steps towards the bigger goal with more ease.

Therefore, I thought of a fun, creative and achievable method, based on 3 questions that can help you turn the resolution tradition into a more gentle, loving, powerful and positive mind-set. Here you go!

  1. Give instead of demand

    Let’s drop our expectations (bye gap!) and see what we can come up with asking ourselves: what can I give myself today that brings me a positive feeling and brings me closer to my goal? You can check how you feel, list your options and choose the one that fits your mood AND goal. So if you want to move more and get fitter, but you had a though day and little energy left, you might choose a 30 minute walk or a yoga class for that day. Another day you feel stronger, you go for the strength training. And if you don’t feel strong that often, think of what you can give yourself after the training that still serves your purpose, like a bath. This way you spend your days treating yourself many times and you make realistic steps in between.

  2. Make the smallest actions count

    To step away from the big and sometimes long distance goal, stop asking yourself what you could do more, ask what is the smallest action you could do, right now, today! You might want to list the tiny steps and actions once a week, put them in your passion planner or take it day by day. It does help to pick a steady ritual, so it’s always the same time of the day or week. This way you focus on the process and the goal will appear by itself. In the mean time you had fun achieving so many things getting there! It also helps to stay flexible and adjust in directions when necessary.

  3. Share your journey

    Your goals and actions are personal, but of course you are not alone in your process! So ask yourself, who is or who are my resolution buddies and did we exchange stories about our journey? There are always people around who can help, listen, or even team up with you. Tell your trainer at the gym about your step and ask for tips, find a meet-up group to exchanges your business ideas and hiccups with, write a personal journal or blog about it. Together you stay inspired, motived and you get reflection on the go. By writing it down or saying it out loud it makes it more ‘real’ and therefore easier to keep going.

Now, hoping these 3 questions help you make a fun resolution plan for yourself, do let me know what is your resolution and how is it going. I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or email me at


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