About Made4motion

If you are looking for ways how to connect your creative mind to your body in motion & how to keep developing and inspiring yourself in this field: you found the right place!

With a passion for movement and the aim to keep growing together as creative movers and thinkers, I founded Made4motion in 2016. My name is Sanne Clifford and I am a an artistic co-director, choreographer, movement specialist and creative content maker. By bringing a creative and analytical mindset combined with a positive attitude, I enjoy working with new challenges, different perspectives, collaborations and ways to bring theory and practice together. I like to connect body & mind also outside the (dance or yoga) studio!

Through Made4motion I bring tools and insights for the moving body and creative mind. The blog posts and coaching help to develop and maintain a holistic lifestyle that is possible to live by in a gentle challenging way. Listening to what the body tells us and creating space for our ideas (without blocking them right away by fear or overload), my aim is to facilitate support for healthy and fun ways of creating awareness and positive change.

How did I get here:

After studying at the dance academy of the Amsterdam School of Arts, I started my artistic dance work and finished two MA programs: in Choreography and Education in Arts. Over the years I kept developing myself in theoretical and practical fields related to creativity, movement, writing and editing. I would love to meet you, so feel free to get in touch and ask your questions or arrange a chat!