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Nice to meet you here! My name is Sanne Clifford and I am a choreographer, movement specialist and creative content maker. A few years ago I started to look for different ways how to help people enhance their creative lifestyle with awareness for their body, outside the (dance) studio. That’s why I started to write and coach more actively about these topics since 2016.

My coaching naturally developed into two approaches:

1. helping the ones who seek a personalized structure while keeping the body in mind
2. helping the ones who seek more creative flow, through body and mind.

The Made4motion blog was born in 2016 too, to support to ones interested in giving their creative self a higher priority in daily live and learn to trust your body and ‘gut feeling’ (even) more.

If you wish to know more about the coaching I offer, with focus and tools for a creative and moving lifestyle, please contact me here.

Warm wishes,