Hi, nice to meet you here! If you are interested in holistic body-mind approaches and a creative lifestyle, you are in the right place.

With this blog I aim to bring awareness to our body & mind connections and creative flow in an easy-going and healthy way. Small actions can have big effects, so let’s start by reading one blog at the time and move a little before reading the next 😉

If you have a question or interest related to creativity and/or body & mind matters, please let me know and the next blog might be about your subject!

My name is Sanne Clifford and I am a dance artist and content creator.
This blog is an example of how these two worlds meet.

Next to expressing my artistic stories and helping other telling theirs, I aim to support the ones who wish to enhance their creative flow and lifestyle with awareness for their body and mind, in and outside the (dance) studio.

If you wish to know more about my choreographic work or content creation, please contact me here.

Warm wishes,