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We offer you creativity & movement coaching, training, private classes & more.

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Increase awareness through Creativity & Movement coaching

Give a higher priority to your creative self, learn to trust you body and ‘gut feeling’ (even) more, expand your comfort zone and create a practical structure for yourself you can use in daily life to maintain this! Read more

Take private FLOW classes

Enjoy a customized practice that serves your needs. After an intake session where we clarify your wishes and aims, we work on your personal focus to flow. The classes are based on and mixed by elements of yoga, dance, relaxation exercises & creative tools. The sessions can be online or in person. Curious? Book a free 15-minute Q&A or intake session right now!

Follow the C-BOOST program

Open up your creative possibilities and free yourself from any blockages! Receive practical and fun tasks with optional coaching and feedback. Check here for updates or sign up and receive more information by e-mail.

Experience the creativity & movement possibilities within your Business

Develop yourself and your team by approaching your way of working through a creative mindset and with physical awareness. We help analyse and support your business or career. Read along and let us know about your preference or needs and we will create a custom-made workshop or training for you.